The Homeplace Farm

The Carolina Homeplace Farm, LLC is a family centered farmstead focused on pasture-based livestock production and education. What began as a dream, when we (Matt and Kallie) got married, to raise our family close to the land and produce our own food, has grown into a business with a mission to nourish ourselves and others from soil to soul.

Established in 2013, The Homeplace Farm is located on 30 acres of rolling farmland in the North Carolina Piedmont. Our small farm was part of a larger dairy farm in operation until the late 1960s.  Our family home is the original homeplace of the dairy.

In short, we are about home.  We home educate, home birth, and home grow/raise.

We are The Homeplace Farm, to honor the stories cultivated on our land before us and to add our chapter pursuing home and place.

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