At The Carolina Homeplace Farm, LLC, our perspective on farming and health is multi-generational so we focus on building soil that will be productive for the generations we have yet to meet. This is how we define regenerative agriculture.

Whether vegetables or pastured raised proteins, we know that food can only be as healthy as the soil in which it grows.   We practice “fertility farming.”  We use no herbicides or pesticides on our pastures and we try to source the cleanest, most local feeds possible for our animals.  We value relationships we can trust over dubious labels.

We rotate our animals on pasture year round. Our dairy cows are grain-free outside of seed heads they forage.  In the winter, our cows are fed hay from local farmers like Cohen Farm in Silk Hope, NC.  We take a long view on genetics and aim, through selection, to breed a landrace of cows that thrives on our land under our management principles.

We recycle fertility. Our pastures and gardens are regenerated using our livestock and organic matter from the farm.  Watch the video below to see one fun example of how we spread fertility.