General Farmstead Coaching

Whether you’re in the dreaming or doing stage, I can help you develop strategies that work for your farm/homestead and move you toward your vision.

  • Land Selection and Development
  • Whole Farm Planning
  • Enterprise Development and Troubleshooting
  • Farm Systems Integration
  • Farming and Family

Family Cow Coaching

If you dream of having a cow or you have a cow and have questions, I can help.

  • Prepping for a Cow
  • Purchasing a Cow
  • Managing and Milking Your Cow
  • All the Dairy Goods

Who’s your coach?

I’m not a YouTuber or an influencer. I’m a farmer.  I’ve built profitable small-scale farm enterprises while raising a family and working off-farm as a teacher/counselor. I know failure and success in real life.  I produce food not just content. I farm and I can help you with your farm.

What’s the Cost?

Phone/Videoconference: $50 per 1 Hour Session

On-site Consulting: TBD based on time/needs

Not sure if coaching is right for you? No problem. Send me an email with your story and your needs. I’ll respond to that email free of charge. Then, you can decide if you think I can help.