Wigglepoo Vermicompost

Wigglepoo vermicompost is a small batch manure-based biological amendment produced right here in the North Carolina Piedmont.

As a biological amendment, Wigglepoo, increases the microbial content where applied, improving water holding capacity and maximizing plant available nutrients in pre-existing soils.

How to use:

Wigglepoo can be used as a side dressing, added directly to potted plants, or mixed with potting soil for seed/plant starts.  One gallon will side dress 10-12 plants (or add when transplanting). Three gallons will top dress a 4’x8′ bed. When side or top dressing, gently mix Wigglepoo into the top inch of soil.

More Info:

Wigglepoo has a wide variety of uses and applications, including brewing your own foliar sprays. For more product and application information feel feee to contact us.

Wigglepoo is produced as a collaboration between Tonya Nesbitt, Wigglepoo originator, and the Carolina Homeplace Farm, LLC.  Tonya brings extensive vermiculture experience to product development.  We, here at the Homeplace, see Wigglepoo as the perfect end-use garden product to add even more value to the soil using manure from our organically fed and grazed cows.  Our goal is health soil, healthy plants, healthy animals.  Wigglepoo will help your garden toward the same goals of health and fertility.